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How Our Simple Fundraising Program Works

Order FREE fundraising brochures for your group. Our easy to use tri-fold brochures are only
four pages long and easy to carry. The order form is simple to fill out. Just choose your Family & Pets from our head collection and fill in their names.

Hand out 3-5 brochures for each order taker and start collecting orders!

Our personalized items are reasonably priced, starting at just $10 for the luggage tags. You earn
40% profit for your organization. Products include full color Address Labels, Luggage Tags and Mouse Pads. Items are 100% guaranteed.

Return all order forms and payments back to us. We mail all orders direct to the customer
at the same time within 3-4 weeks. No more sorting and delivery headaches!

It's that simple! Our personalized products are unique and not massed produced. Our quality
is superior to other companies who use cheap printing and clip art. Our cartoon collection is original,
fun, and exciting! With three great products to choose from there is something for everyone!

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