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Team In Training Fundraising Tips

Welcome to Koonce Komix Team In Training Fundraising tips. We are excited to be a part of Team In Training and want to help you raise as much money as possible. Below is a list of ideas to get you started. If you have any new ideas on how to use our products for fundraising please e-mail us and we will post them on this page. If you have any questions or need more brochures please contact us. Good Luck!

Ideas For Our Product Use

• Our luggage tags work on any type of bag; back packs, gym or sports bags such as golf, baseball, soccer, volleyball, football, tennis, cheerleading, gymnastics, bowling, hockey, skiing, snowboarding as well as diaper or daycare bags, beach bags, band bags, instrument cases, boot bags, garment bags, brief cases, suitcases, medical bags, baby strollers, fold up walkers, wheel chairs, computer bags, etc.

• Our address labels work for all types of specialty invitations and announcements including wedding and birth, bachelor parties, wedding and baby showers, thank you notes, Graduation, Christmas cards, promote business with customized labels.

• Our address labels can be used to label toys, DVD and CD's, books, laptops, mp3 players, video games, game boys, golf clubs, etc.


• Consider a variety of methods of contacting potential customers; pass out brochures to family, friends and coworkers, set up a table at your church, school or retail stores. We'll supply additional brochures as needed.

• Make sure potential customers know why you are raising funds.

• Set up volunteers to help you fundraise.

• We suggest starting with family and friends. For safety reasons we never recommend children solicit orders door to door unless accompanied by a responsible adult.

• Make a list of contacts, business leaders and local merchants that would be interested in purchasing products or that might allow a group to set a table in front of their entrance.

• We will provide you with an e-mail letter which can be forwarded to your online contacts with a link to our website for online ordering. With just a click of a mouse you can send out dozens of fundraising e-mails! Ask the people you e-mail the letter to forward it to their address book and you could have hundreds of potential customers! We’ve found people who followed up with a phone call received the highest response rate.

• Shop for yourself with our products for any event, occasion or use. It's like saving 40%, since your own TNT account will receive credit.

• Ask all your family members and friends do their shopping.

• Ask your family members and friends get two orders from their friends and coworkers.

• Ask your family and friends to order their Christmas cards from us, all with envelopes and matching address labels.

Group Orders per Brochure

• Target sport teams at schools, churches or city leagues. Take the time to talk to the coaches and player parents.

• Target any organization, league or club that you belong to or know of.

• Pass out 20 brochures to neighbors, coworkers, friends and family with a due date and pick them back up in a week. Repeat as necessary.

• Hold a fundraising party at your home. Offer not only products from our brochure but have other fundraiser items there as well. The more items and products that you have to offer in ONE setting the more successful you'll be.

Finalizing the Order

• Make sure orders are legible and have phone numbers if we have questions.

• Profit is before shipping and taxes. Double check all information and money collected before sending in your order. Mail order and payment to: Koonce Komix P.O. Box 1648, Hurts TX, 76118.

If you have any questions please call at us 1-888-596-8247 or 817-797-2946(Cell)

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