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Your order is custom created by selecting the person's features that most resemble them. Choose
from over 240 heads, ten hair colors, four skin tones, mustaches, beards, goatees, glasses, etc.
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We'll send you a FREE e-mail proof to show you what your Card/Label set will look like before printing! 
Personalized Note Cards are flat 4" x 5" cards and come with matching labels and white envelopes.
Your Note Cards are custom created and personalized by you. Use them for thank you's or personalized stationery.
Choose the quantity you want:
28 Cards, Envelopes, and Labels $30 Qty
56 Cards, Envelopes, and Labels $55 Qty

Type information in box below for your address labels. Have fun!

Select 1-7 Heads in the order you would like them to appear from left to right.

Head previews do not show options such as Mustache, Beards, Glasses, etc.
Web head previews are in black & white only. Before printing a color e-mail proof will
be sent to you for your approval. Please keep names as short as possible.

Keep name as short as
List special colors for pets in box below. Be Specific (E-mail photo if possible include order number).


Scarlet is Brown with white chin.

My parakeet is Blue

My horse has a white patch running down
the nose between the eyes

For quality control you will receive a FREE e-mail proof of your Card/Label order before printing.
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This will ensure that our e-mail proof will get through rather than being routed to your spam folder.
Please check all your information and spelling, then...
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